I am a Creative Technologist

I am a Creative Technologist. I design interactive physical environments, social and data informed mobile apps, and responsive websites. My involvement on any project starts from concept development to product launch and continues to post release iterations.

In my work I connect interactive physical and digital space, and design useful and sleek digital experiences customized to user data. I worked on exhibit, corporate center, and retail space interactions, mobile, tablet and large touch screen apps, and responsive web platforms. I build interactive sculptures, products, and tools.

At NYU, I built an interactive kinetic sculpture of a musical composition. At the Interactive Ellis Island Immigration Museum project, I helped people discover their roots and understand their ancestors' journey of immigration to the United States. Past clients at G2O Media include Jabil, Google, and Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Center. At R/GA I designed apps and digital platforms for Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Tiffany, Converse, Verizon, AARP, and Loreal. At ESI Design I worked on Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Tryon Palace and Best Buy Connected Store interactive experiences, and the World Monumental Foundation website. Currently at Google as a product design lead I create innovations in hyper-local moment markets and connected learning spaces. My passion for creativity and meaningful work is my primary relief from existential angst :)