I am a Creative Technologist

I am a Creative Technologist with experience design for physical and digital space, product innovation, content development, and interactive art experience.

In my work I connect interactive physical and digital space, and design useful and sleek digital experiences customized to user data. I worked on physical and retail space interactions, responsive web platforms, and mobile, tablet and kiosk apps. I build interactive sculptures, products, and tools.

At NYU, I built an interactive kinetic sculpture of a musical composition. At the Interactive Ellis Island Immigration Museum project, I helped people discover their roots and understand their ancestors' journey of immigration to the United States. Current and past clients at R/GA include Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Tiffany, Converse, Verizon, AARP, and Loreal. At ESI Design I worked on Ellis Island, Tryon Palace and Best Buy Connected Store interactive experiences, and Sesame Street, World Monumental Foundation, and the Naples Botanical Garden websites. I currently work at R/GA Digital Agency with a wonderful group of people who help me grow, learn and challenge myself. My passion for creativity and meaningful work is my primary relief from existential angst :)